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To get started with your website hosting plan we need to know if you need a domain or if you already have one. Please select the option below that best fits your situation. If you are purchasing a Shared or Managed WordPress plan and are unsure of which option to choose, select the option to use one of our temporary domains, you can always change it later.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions our customers have about getting started with A2 Hosting. If you have more, please feel free to contact our Sales or Support teams for help.

If you already have a domain you have two options. You can either point the name servers to A2 Hosting or transfer your domain to A2 Hosting.
Pointing your name server means that A2 will handle the traffic routing but the billing and administration of the domain itself will remain with the registrar you originally set it up at. Learn more about the process here.
Transferring your domain means that A2 Hosting will handle the billing and administration in addition to your website hosting. If you have already paid for your domain you may want to wait until your term ends before transferring. Learn more about this process here.
A domain transfer is NOT site migration. Instead, this option will transfer the registration of your existing domain to us here at A2 Hosting. The transfer will have cost associated and will include a 1-year registration extension once the transfer is complete. There will also be a few steps necessary to successfully transfer a domain. Further reading can be found here.
While many of the best domain names are taken (and sometimes offered for sale) there are still many different options out there. Try entering different variations of your business name until you find one that works for you. Remember to consider purchasing other options (like .net or .io) to make sure you own all variations. To learn more about how to do this read our blog on the subject.
A2 Hosting offers hundreds of different top level domain options. You can see them all here.
If you do not want to purchase a domain, or are just testing a site, this is a great option. This will allow you to use a free *.a2hosted.com subdomain to visit a website on your new account. Many will use this option when they haven’t decided on a domain name yet. We can update the domain name associated with your new hosting account at any time if you decide on a different domain at a later date. To view more information on a primary domain name change, please view our KB here. Please Note: temporary domains are only available on Shared Web Hosting & Managed WordPress Only.
If you do not wish to transfer your domain to us, and would prefer to keep it at your current registrar, you will choose the selection “Use my own domain” (NOTE: This will NOT redirect the DNS. It is simply a name for your server, like an address number for your house. You will need to point the domain at a later date as the domain name will remain with your current registrar.) For website transfers: We strongly recommend not transferring at the last minute over to A2 Hosting. If you want your websites to be pointed and to be working from the A2 Hosting server by the next day, it's impossible. When your migration is completed and you change DNS for all your domains, the DNS propagation will take at least 24 hours to be propagated.